M.P. Janson Institute for Analytical Medicine

I think, therefore IAM

We are a small research institute applying advanced mathematical and computational techniques and cross-discipline knowledge to medical issues. We have the following areas of research:

We have found that reductionism in medical science is a tremendous impediment to advancing medical care of patients. We advocate and develop cross-discipline methodology that incorporates frontline research in medical science, community-based patient-centered medical care, and advanced mathematical and data-analytical techniques to provide scientifically-rigorous approaches to difficult medical problems.

Almost all of our analytical tools are developed in-house, and we host our own hardware. We do not store data on other people's computers (otherwise known as "the cloud") nor do we utilize tools that we can't verify ourselves. If you believe science advances by never being wrong, we are not the place for you.

If you want to learn more or participate in our efforts, please contact us at IAM at this domain (mpjanson) dot org.

The MP Janson Institute of Analytical Medicine is an all-volunteer operation.